Dr. Franklin Rose is a Breast Revision Specialist

Breast Revision Specialist Dr. Franklin Rose, MD

Dr. Franklin Rose, MD

Patients who have undergone breast enhancement surgery, be it a breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reconstructive surgery or breast reduction surgery are usually satisfied with their original results; however often find that after some time they may wish to either change the size of their implants or need a lift or touch-up due to the natural aging process.

When seeking a plastic surgeon for a breast re-do, you should consult a skilled specialist in revision breast surgery. Dr. Franklin Rose specializes in breast revisions. Breast revision surgery requires attention to detail, years of experience, and most importantly skill. Dr. Rose performs primary breast augmentation, revision breast lifts, and revision breast augmentation in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Rose operates on patients from all over Houston, Texas, the United States, and from around the world.

Dr. Rose has also made it his mission to provide free breast reconstructive surgery to post-cancer patients who are not able to afford health insurance through the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, a non-profit foundation.


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